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Hello, my name is Dorothy Kovacs, I am 43 years old, so I work as an editor on , you will find my posts about clothes and accessories and bags. I share my observations in reviews and descriptions on the site. When I am not busy with countless testimonials of new goods, I spend time with my family or pursue my hobby.

 I couple very well and have noticed many praise testimonials for me. Everybody who enjoys my products stays wondering why I have not opened my store up to now. As a kid I often heard the phrase:"Do what you enjoy and you won't work daily in your life. Adults often counseled me to consider my own interests or abilities as the basis for a potential career. I was raised with this mindset. In other words, if you really do something well, promote it.

This method is particularly applicable for creative places. Even commercially successful founders often complain that their life has become work. An unwritten fact is that those that are obsessed with their job are more stressed and worried than people who arrive at the office to serve periods from 9 to 6 months. Adam Kurtz, in his book"How to not go crazy working from home," rewrote a renowned principle for contemporary creative artists:"Do what you enjoy, and you'll do the job hellishly all of the time and take criticism . Anybody who has ever tried to earn money on what he actually loves will know Kurtz. People do not agree to work for money anymore. They are searching for a business which, along with revenue, will bring pleasure. It seems to be a plausible desire, but there is a catch: whenever a hobby starts to bring money, it ceases to be a pastime and turns in an activity which requires a lot of time, work and attention. It is not necessary to decorate your hobby, so you can certainly do whatever you love, simply because you appreciate it.